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Behind the scenes of every trip, complex trip support ensures you get there safely.
Unlock our expertise in trip support for your flight department.


That's always the result of a dedicated ground-based trip support team having done the prep-work.


Fuel planning and cost optimization

Weather and alternates

Nav data and charts

Overflight permits, arrival and departure slots

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Frequently asked questions about TRIP SUPPORT

What is trip support?

Everything that goes into making a trip safe and convenient. Flight planning, cost monitoring and fuel planning, air traffic clearances, overflight and landing permits, securing parking and departure and arrival slots, mandatory immigration formalities, ground transport, catering - there is more than meets the eye...

Why do we need trip support?

If you travel on any aircraft operated by Galactic Jet, trip support is included. If you operate your own aircraft, then Galactic trip support can assist you in operating your aircraft conveniently, cost effectively and safely.

How do I get Galactic trip support?

Either by chartering a Galactic Jet aircraft; having your own aircraft managed by Galactic Jet; or have a specific trip supported by Galactic Jet.

What are Galactic Jet operating hours for trip support?

Supporting flights world-wide, Galactic Jet never sleeps. Our trip support team is available 24/7.

How is trip support priced? 

We offer convenient per-trip or monthly trip support plans.



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