Aircraft Management

Galactic Jet offers aircraft management programs to allow you to operate your aircraft fleet efficiently and safely


Galactic Jet draws on decades of experience operating Gulfstream large cabin aircraft. We can make sure your ownership experience is stellar and rewarding.


Proactive preventative maintenance program

Maintenance record auditing and safekeeping

Trip support and planning

Insurance, upgrades, scheduled maintenance

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Frequently asked questions about AIRCRAFT MANAGEMENT

Can Galactic Jet provide experienced crew?

Your choice. Galactic Jet can provide experienced and courteous cabin and flight deck crew.

What type of aircraft does Galactic Jet manage? 

We manage and operate Gulfstream and Bombardier aircraft. We may also manage other turbine aircraft, but we do not operate them at this point in time.

Do I have to charter my aircraft to benefit from Galactic Jet's aircraft management?

Chartering out your aircraft is optional, but many customers prefer to generate revenue during idle times rather than having the asset sit on the ground.

Is Galactic Jet aircraft management expensive? 

To the contrary. Galactic aircraft management utilizes economies of scale and allow you to collect benefits you would otherwise be unable to access.

What is 'aircraft management'?

Owning and operating any turbine aircraft is a complex undertaking. Legal, insurance, maintenance and operational concerns are time consuming and difficult to navigate, and that is before the aircraft ever leaves the ground. Professional aircraft management takes the complexity out of owning and operating your aircraft and reduces overall cost of ownership through economies of scale and pro-active scheduled maintenance.



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