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Frequently asked questions about AIRCRAFT SALES

Are aircraft markets perfect?

Far from it! Turbine aircraft are expensive assets with wildly fluctuating value depending on age, pedigree and the mission profile. Galactic Jet can assist you navigate this complex environment.

Why do I need my mission profile laid out?

For each mission profile, there is an aircraft type that fits best. If most of your flights are short hops, then a Gulfstream is likely the wrong type of plane for you. If you need to go back and forth from New York to Hawaii, then some planes may not be able to make the trip. Costs are one consideration; capacity and range the other.

Can any long range aircraft do my long range trip?

Not necessarily. Avionics requirements are different in different parts of the world, so you plane may not be able to travel to certain destinations. Noise restrictions may be another concern. Lastly, runway length may limit the available destination airports.

What is the right aircraft for me?

There is only one type aircraft that is best for each mission. Understanding and exploring what your mission is will ensure you get the best type of aircraft for what you need it for.

Selling an airplane has been a hassle.

Much like for a buyer there is only one right airplane; as a seller, we are looking for a buyer with the right mission profile. An aircraft transaction consists of surprisingly little vanity - it is more about matching mission profiles with the right aircraft. That constellation makes the deal - and we can get you there.



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